ACACIA 2/7 .

How to get there?
On the E314 take exit 30 "Park Midden Limburg".
You arrive at the Donderslagweg.
Then follow the arrow "Hengelhoef".

You take the first road on the right, the "Hengelhoefdreef", slightly sloping and bordered with trees
You drive it completely until you come to a round about.
That is the round dot on the right of the card below

You place your car on the parking P.

Plan holiday area

1: temporary parking (max 30 min) for apartment Acacia 2/7
After max 30 minutes place the car on the parking (too long parking within the domain = fine of the syndic of € 100)
2: Molok trash cans
4: road to the shop of the campsite and the subtropical swimming pool.
P: parking for your car after the maximum 30 min on the domain

When you arrive you go down the avenue by foot past the barrier and take the third road on the right (light blue on the map above)

blue line = how to walk.

1 = temporary parking space (max 30 min.)

You will find the keys and the badge stick in the key safe at the left of the front door.
We have emailed your code number for that safe.
With the key of the apartment and with the badge to open the barrier you can enter.
Hold the badge at the front of the red light on the number box at the barrier:

After a maximum of 30 minutes you have to put your car back on the parking lot. If you do not do this and certainly if your vehicle is on the property at night, you will be fined € 100.
It is strictly forbidden to drive on the grass as there are pits in the lawn.

What to do when leaving the apartment at the end of the rental period?
cleaning up kitchen / kitchenette: the kitchen unit, the cutlery, the plates, cooking pots, pans and all the dishes should be washed away and stored in the cupboards; refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and kettle should be washed out, garbage must be deposited in the containers (see park plan). After your departure turn off the lights and the heating and close the windows and doors. Place the keys in the safe and close them. Rotate number code so that you can not read your code. Leave the terrace tidy and place the furniture under the roof.

Where can you find stores?

Outside Hengelhoef:
Go to the main road (Donderslagweg) and turn right
Continue until the next roundabout:

1st exit: on this road you will find all shops
2 the exit: here you will find a good restaurant that is open every day except Mondays.

Food and drink

Look at: - house rules

Layout apartment:


You want to make a reservation or ask a question?

send a mail to